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Core Values

Core Values 586 x 352

Building upon the doctrinal foundation of our church, there are some aspects of ministry that we hold dear and values which act as distinguishing features of our congregation. Those core values include:

Prayer & Worship

We seek to foster a culture of fervent prayer by teaching prayer and incorporating it into every aspect of church and family life so that it becomes our lifeblood. We believe in practicing worship as a lifestyle, not simply music. We encourage “family worship” for part of the Lord’s Day service where all ages worship together for the edification of the entire church body before we part for age-targeted teaching times. 


We practice expositional preaching of the Holy Bible, proclaiming a high view of God and His Word in all Southshore Bible Church teaching. We teach a thoroughly biblical worldview so that children and adults can confidently share their faith and effectively engage an increasingly secular culture. 

Church Life

We practice Biblical membership and accountability by entering into and abiding by a Membership Covenant. We adhere to biblical church discipline for the spiritual good of our members and the health of the church. We prioritize discipleship of people versus relying on a program-oriented model of ministry. We have instituted an Elder led, congregationally affirmed decision-making process that balances leadership with accountability. 


We practice intentional and direct shepherding through the shared leadership of Pastors and Elders. We nurture an intimate environment of biblical fellowship and hospitality, making compassion a habit by regularly meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those within and outside the church. We recognize the Biblical value of families and labour to strengthen them. In response to the rampant ‘spiritual abdication’ seen among men in churches today, we are committed to the discipling of husbands and fathers, equipping them to take the lead in spiritual formation within the family as Scripture exhorts. 

Missions & Evangelism

We intentionally practice missions and evangelism through the Acts 1:8 principle: Starting in Barrie with our immediate spheres of influence and then progressing to the ends of the earth. We desire to focus our resources on a few strategic partnerships and have the congregation take ownership in praying for and following the progress of those who we support. 


We endeavor to diligently teach God’s precepts to our children and remember those believers on whose shoulders we stand, acknowledging the heritage of faith they have left to us. To this end, we covenant together to establish a godly legacy in church and family that will bless a multitude and endure for generations to come.