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TULIP 586 x 352

TULIP is an acronym that summarizes doctrinal positions held by reformed Christians. Those who affirm TULIP are often called "5-point Calvinists." These positions are:

     T - Total depravity

     U - Unconditional election

     L - Limited atonement

     I - Irresistable grace

     P - Perseverance of the saints

TULIP at Southshore

At Southshore, we affirm all five statements. Pastor John Piper summarized TULIP in a seminar intended for his church and this seminar has been posted by desiringGod ministries. 

We commend this series to you and also encourage you to visit desiringGod.

TULIP Seminar, by John Piper at desiringGod
Part 1 - Assumptions

Part 2 - Assumptions & Irresistable Grace

Part 3 - Irresistable Grace & Total Depravity

Part 4 - Total Depravity & Unconditional Election

Part 5 - Unconditional Election

Part 6 - Unconditional Election

Part 7 - Limited Atonement

Part 8 - Perseverance of the Saints

Part 9 - Ten Effects of Believing in the Five Points of Calvinism