In keeping with Romans 13:1-7, we will not be meeting publicly until the government lifts relevant physical distancing measures.

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We hosted a women's Bible study on the book of James in the Spring of 2018.

James, half-brother of Jesus, son of Mary & Joseph, was a key leader in the early church in Jerusalem.  He wrote the letter to the newly converted.  Believers, who were scattered amidst the Roman Empire as a result of the intense persecution for their faith.  

The letter is not a new exhortation, but one that seeks to persuade the hearers to live consistently with the truths they have already embraced.  It is a reminder of Jesus’ teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. It is a call for our actions to match our words. There is an emphasis on Spiritual fruitfulness demonstrating true faith.  To speak with love, serve the poor and keep oneself unstained by the world.

Although the letter is a convicting read, showing us the contrast between a genuine faith which saves, and a self-described faith which does not, it never fails to show us the grace of God. 

The letter is meant as an encouragement to live out a life wholly devoted to God, despite our circumstances.  To put our trust in the Lord, knowing that spiritual maturity is the joy we are to count, as we endure trials and sufferings.   

Bible Study Outline

  • Trials & Temptations (1:1-18)
    • Greetings, Introduction to Author & Audience (1:1)
    • Overcoming trials through perseverance & steadfastness (1:2-12)
    • The source of temptation & deception (1:13-18)
  • Putting the Word into Practice (1:19-2:26)
    • Listening & Doing (1:19-27)
    • Favoritism, Transgression of the Law & Mercy  (2:1-13)
    • Faith, Works & Justification (2:14-26)
  • Words & Wisdom (3:1-4:12)
    • Taming the Tongue (3:1-12)
    • Two Kinds of Wisdom – Godly & Worldly (3:13-18)
    • Humility, Grace & Submission  (4:1-12)
  • A Christian Perspective on the World (4:13-5:12)
    • Boasting About Tomorrow (4:13-17)
    • Warning to the Rich & the Arrogance of Wealth (5:1-6)
    • Patience in Suffering & the Power of Prayer (5:7-20)

 This course was taught by Jenny Hawkins.

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