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2 Timothy

We preached through the book of 2 Timothy from January to March 2018. This book is a follow-up to 1 Timothy, and it gives us further instructions for how we are to behave in God's household, the church (1 Timothy 3:14-15).

Household of God 2 586 x 352Instructions for the Household of God - 2 Timothy

The context of 2 Timothy is 1 Timothy. Having implemented Paul's instructions, Timothy experienced resistance and opposition from within his church. In response, throughout 2 Timothy, Paul encourages Timothy to keep going, to persevere in the face of these challenges (Sermon / Blog).

This is Paul's last letter, and constitutes his last words to Timothy and to the church. This letter is tender even while it remains resolute about adhering to the teaching that accords with godliness.

In our current series, we will continue to identify instructions that can be practically implemented at Southshore Bible Church:

  • Instruction 16: Persevere - Even when facing strong internal resistance / Sermon / Blog
  • Instruction 17: Intentionally select and strategically disciple faithful people / Sermon / Blog
  • Instruction 18: Focus on Jesus Christ and the promises of the gospel / Sermon / Blog
  • Instruction 19: Address all church conflict by the Word of God / Sermon / Blog
  • Instruction 20: Exercise church discipline / Sermon / Blog
  • Instruction 21: Preach the Word / Sermon / Blog
  • Instruction 22: Stand together and work together in the grace of the Lord / Sermon / Blog

Below is an overview of the macro-structure of the book:

2 Timothy Overview D 1852 x 1052